2.4 Transformation, sustainability and hybrid organizations in the post Covid era: a Cybernetic future.

  Facing modern epidemic and economic crises need to be faced with organizations that draw on different and often contradictory elements...

Discussion points

  • The relationship between contextual and structural dimensions of hybrid organizations and the sustainability of their economic and social outcomes, by proposing an integrative framework reconciling different existing perspectives

  • Attention to the tensions and possible contradictions between different analytic levels, such as between hybrid organizational forms and individuals’ identity.

  • Open issues, according a cyber-systemic perspective of hybrid organization forms;

  • Role of change, innovation and creativity in current trends of organizations and society (social innovation, Industry 4.0, sustainable and socially responsible society, etc.);

  • Governance and management in current times of change and innovation in hybrid organization.

  • Cybernetic and systems principles and approaches for hybrid organization governance and change.


Primiano Di Nauta
Marcello Martinez
Gеоrgе Маlinеtskiy
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