3.1 Digital transition and smart self-organisation

Digitalization is changing managerial approaches, organisational architectures and personal interactions. Strong innovation rates...

Discussion points

  • Risks and opportunities of digital transition for socioeconomic entities.

  • Business models and managerial approaches for promoting smart participation in collective digital ecosystems.

  • Emerging values, consciousness, augmented and distributed thinking in the new hybrid reality.

  • Human changes: new values, new consciousness, augmented and distributed thinking in a hybrid reality.

  • Functioning, dynamics, examples, ethical considerations and directions for network communication platforms.

  • Accordingly, the section aims at investigating the following research questions:

  • Digital transition: are we really going towards a smart society?

  • How to manage and regulate digital platforms? Is it a challenge for policy makers?

  • Self-organization in digital transition: What about data management and privacy issues?

  • How to invoke "Ethic by design" in the development of a smart society?

  • Are network communication platforms the new society’s infrastructures?


Boris Slavin
Igor Perko
Francesco Caputo
Peter Ototsky
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