3.3 Risk mitigation for vulnerable populations, safety, and security in the cyber world

The statement “Tectology calls for the study of “any system both from the point of view of the relationships among all of its parts and the relationship...

Discussion points

  • Digital Ecosystem internal and external complexity, structure, dynamics and (in)stability

  • The identified and unidentified vulnerabilities of the Digital Ecosystem

  • The Digital Ecosystem focused security management and the interrelations with the “real” world.

  • Directions of development of national and international systems of network management of social processes in the global information society.

  • The behaviour of existing subsystems in safeguarding and disrupting the digital ecosystem development; are we facing reverse (twisted) Cybernetics?

  • Situation centres as a technological basis for strategic decision-making.


Alexander Zatsarinny
Teodora Ivanusa
Allena Leonard
Igor Sheremet
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