3.5 Cybernetics & Control Science for Information Society

‘Information’ is the new paradigm reflecting the main character of modern human society as an information society. The tremendous development...

Discussion points​

  • Control problems in complex cyber-physical, economic and social systems

  • Models of complex networks and their applications

  • Non-linear and stochastic modelling in economic and social sciences

  • Collaboration and conflicts in social and technical systems

  • Artificial intelligence and data-driven control

  • Computer sciences in interdisciplinary studies

  • Econophysics and models of behavioural economy

  • Quantum-like modelling of cognition, decision making, and social processes

  • Physical modelling in political sciences

  • Distributed intelligence of multi-agent systems


Mikhail V. Goubko
Alexander V. Kuznetsov
Andrei Khrennikov
Yuri Slovokhotov
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