4.1 Redesigning the Education System


Jose Perez Rios
Alfonso Reyes
Alexander Kovriga
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Discussion points

  • How to introduce Systems thinking in education? elementary and High School; Undergraduate (universities, colleges); Post-graduate (Master and doctoral); Life-long learning; Consulting companies, etc. How to handle inter- and transdisciplinarity. How can people be prepared for the huge impact of artificial intelligence? How can artificial intelligence (AI) help teachers in this task? Formation of values of the global citizen of the future?

  • How to adapt education in the near future? Formal (institutions: colleges, universities, Institutes…); Semi-formal, Informal and free channels (Multiple initiatives, etc.); What and at which age?. Creation of free open courses and hybrid (like micro-masters) available through a variety of platforms (Mooc, Coursera, EdX, YouTube, Vimeo, Blogs, etc.).

  • What could be the strategies to permeate diffuse Systems Thinking in society? How to make more widely known among society in general the availability and usefulness of Systems Thinking Approaches? How can systemic education be present in: Education; Press; Media (TV, eEtc.); Social networks?.

  • Experiences. Success stories of systemic learning in academic and non-academic institutions.?

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