4.9 CyberSystemics in tourism and hospitality services:
experiences to share and lessons to be learned


Gеоrgе Маlinеtskiy
Angela Espinosa
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Discussion points

  • How do a neural network approach could be applied to the management of social systems?

  • How do distributed network management systems can be built in for complex organisations?

  • Which approaches and tools are more useful for managing the dynamics of social networks?

  • When, how and why do transitional metasystems emerge?[AE1] 

  • Is it possible and desirable to ‘manage self-organization’?

  • Why are we moving along the path charted by Stafford Beer so slowly?

  • What are the features of self-organization in reflective organisational systems and environments?

  • How self-organisation and distributed control can create a better context for business and society sustainability?

  • How are self-development, self-organization and self - management related?

  • What are the prospects for interaction of leading interdisciplinary approaches - synergetics and cybernetics? Is it through conflict or synthesis?

  • Is it possible to build an evolutionary theory of control systems?

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