Theme 1. Philosophical and methodological foundations for the development
of the systems approach and cybernetics

Theme 1 Sections

  1. Systemic approaches and cybernetics: philosophical and methodological bases of development (Stuart Umpleby, USA; Vladimir Lepskiy, Russia) (Round Table)

  2. Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity (Michael C. Jackson, UK; Viacheslav Maracha, Russia) (Round table)

  3. The implications of CyberSystemics in Science and Society (Michael Lissack, USA; Thomas Fischer, Germany; Christiane M Herr, Germany; Yuri Baturin Russia)

  4. Organization Theory in a CyberSystemic World (Raul Espejo, UK; Dmitry Novikov, Russia)

  5. Cybernetics of self-developing poly-subject (reflexive-active) environments:  third-order cybernetics (Matjaž Mulej, Slovenia; Stuart Umpleby, USA; Vladimir Lepskiy, Russia)

  6. From conflict to harmony of civilizations (systemic approach and models of civilizational development) (Andrey Smirnov, Russia; Vladimir Ivanov, Russia; German Bula, Colombia)

  7. The psychology of socio-technical systems management under conditions of new technologies adoption and preventing global risks (Anatoly Zhuravlev, Russia; Timofei Nestik, Russia; Ruben V. Aghuzumtsyan, Armenia; Frank Stowell, UK)

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